12 Surprising Ways Life Is Better With Straight Teeth

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Having straight teeth gives you more benefits than just cosmetic ones. Here are 12 fabulous benefits of having straight teeth─and only two involve having a gorgeous smile! 1) Higher Self Esteem Probably the number one benefit of straight teeth is the increased self-confidence that comes with a beautiful smile. Increased self-confidence affects every aspect of life. It allows more ease … Read More

5 Reasons Why Summer is the Most Ideal Time to Get Braces

Summer: the time for family vacations, playing in the pool, and relaxing. But it’s also the perfect time for something else─getting braces! It’s true, several factors make summer the ideal time to get new braces. Here are five of them: 1) There’s More Time to Learn How to Care for Braces A bit of a learning curve comes with braces. … Read More